PBYR and Community Partners at work

On November 7, 2015 PBYR and community partners helped a 86 year young veteran and his wife move to new housing. This moving event was completed on a Saturday and involved over 45 individuals that worked very hard to assist this family. PBYR send kudos and thanks to all our partners in this effort: PLYMOUTH FIRE DEPARTMENT, WAYZATA FOOTBALL TEAM VOLUNTEERS AND THEIR COACHES, HOME DEPOT and volunteers that provided trucks, trailers, muscles, and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These community efforts represent the health, spirit and vitality of Plymouth.

PBYR could not have provided this service without the coordination and help from our partners. The service member was very appreciative and stated he was overwhelmed by the number of people that volunteered to help a stranger.

The Sun Sailor recently did a nice story on the move that you can view here.

Below we have some pictures of the hard working volunteers. Please click on the images to make them larger. Again, a huge round of thanks for all the help.

20151107_100215 20151107_095207 20151107_095054 20151107_121008


In October 2015 PBYR helped a Veteran who recently lost temporary employment with the repair of his car’s brake light, a Holiday gas card and gave him helpful employment leads. He was very appreciative of PBYR’s efforts.