2016 Children’s Dental Services

cdsCDS MISSION: Since 1919, Children’s Dental Services (CDS) is dedicated to improving the oral health of children from families with low incomes by providing accessible treatment and education to our diverse community.

CDS provides care to:

  • · Children from birth to 21 (up to 26 with insurance or full pay) and
  • · Pregnant women of all ages

Attached please find an updated flyer and information for Children’s Dental Services including their 2016 schedule for the Wayzata office. Please share this information with appropriate staff, peers, and families.

PBYR – 2016 CDS

Wayzata Office Service Dates for 2016:

February 18th

April 21st

June 16th

August 18th

October 20th

December 15th

Please visit their website for more information: http://childrensdentalservices.org/