Chaplain’s expression of appreciation

Chaplain Cory Germain, received the Caribou Coffee that was sent by Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. He writes,

Dear Gary and all the members of Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon,

Thank you so much for your recent care packages stuffed with Caribou Reindeer Blend coffee. That particular variety has become a favorite of mine, and I’m sure many of our battalion soldiers. As I’m sure you know, soldiers love their coffee, and having some of the home state’s finest makes it even better! We’ve also spread the cheer among our subordinate companies, particularly from South Dakota, Ohio and Utah. Believe it or not, there is a Caribou location in the main concourse at Kuwait City International Airport—although most of our troops will never get to see it.

We ‘re doing well here at Camp_____. Temps are into the low 80s already, but all too soon we’ll be suffering with the 100-110 degree days this area is famous for. I’m definitely trying to look beyond those to our return to MN. Blessings to you and yours, and thanks for your support. Chaplain Cory Germain, 682nd Engineer Battalion, MN NG

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NAMI Kidshop in Forest Lake on May 21st

NAMI Kidshop in Forest Lake on May 21st

My name is Kara Bennett and I am a Community Educator for NAMI Minnesota. We are just one month away from our Kidshop program in Forest Lake! Please help us spread the word about this great opportunity.

Kidshop is a four-hour Saturday workshop for kids ages 7-17 whose parent or sibling lives with a mental illness. Kidshop provides a safe setting where kids can join in fun activities, share concerns, get support, and learn that they are not alone. We will be holding a Kidshop in Forest Lake on May 21st from 10:00am – 2:00pm and we ask that you register by May 16. Visit our website for more information and to register.

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This workshop is free but registration is required. For more information, call me at 651-645-2948 x114.

Please pass this information along to any families you know who might benefit from the opportunity. Thank you for your time, effort, and support!

Kara Bennett
Community Educator

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PBYR receives 5 year recognition award

PBYR-Mayor Slavik BTYR

Mayor Slavik proudly displays the 5 Year appreciation award received from General Nash and the BYR program. This award will be placed in a glass case at Plymouth City Hall.

On April 15, 2016, PBYR received a 5 year recognition award from BYR at the annual joining forces workshop . This award was presented by General Nash, MN National Guard.

My appreciation to Jennifer Rodgers as she also attended the “Joining Forces” program and all the PBYR members that have assisted PBYR over the years. We need continued efforts and more efforts!!

I wish more PBYR members/supporters would attend the ”Joining Forces” yearly program as it helps explain how other cities and counties are joining forces to assist the 1% of US citizens that serve or have served in the armed forces that protect us. General Nash highlighted in this speech that the US is likely more exposed and at risk than before the attack on the World Trade Center. The BYR network is important. Every bit of effort strengthens us by supporting the folks that protect us. BYR now has 219 MN cities participating in the program.

The BYR program will be expanded to 6 more states. Since BYR has been in operation, MN has moved from the state with the highest military suicide rate to the 4th highest state. MN is still unfortunately on a top 10 list that no one desires regarding suicides! As a result of this challenge – PBYR along with other BYR cities needs to provide continued and focused assistance to help significantly improve these statistics. The MN National Guard has made appropriate efforts and we also need to do our part. The correct target for military suicides is 0 events!

The take-away for me from the workshop is that PBYR is properly participating in the BYR program. Please look at our website: especially the resource page so that if you meet a veteran or service member that needs assistance you can give him/her some resources as a start. We can also activate the network to locate additional resources as needed. Currently, PBYR is in process of assisting an elderly couple (more assistance will be requested as their timeline of a move is developed) and PBYR is paying for some engraving at the Plymouth Memorial for a soldier that was killed in action.

Gary Goldetsky, Psy.D, LP

Gary Goldetsky, Psy.D, LP

PBYR plans to increase recruiting efforts for both the PBYR board and general membership. Currently PBYR needs additional volunteers to help design fund-raising materials, invite speakers to a meeting, manage a request for service, attend fund-raising/outreach efforts and related. Please let me know your availability or special interests. PBYR is currently focusing on expanding outreach to area BYR cities to partner more, e.g., housing, cars, fundraising and related. The trend is that more cities will likely be partnering on projects and resource identification. A meeting with Anoka BYR is scheduled and several BYR others will be scheduled. Jennifer’s efforts in this area is appreciated. Gary Goldetsky, Psy.D, LP, PBYR President