Contract Positions – Citizen Soldier for Life

Patriot Enterprises is hiring Citizen Soldier For Life (CSFL) Career Readiness Counselors. These positions are full-time contract positions within Central MN, the Metro and Southern MN. The work locations include:  Camp Ripley, Rosemount, and Mankato

What:  Citizen Soldier for Life is a program that focuses is on new recruits and service members who need employment/financial services. The CSFL Career Readiness Counselors will support the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) for both the Army and the Air National Guard.

These Employment counselors/case manager roles will focus on case management of employment assistance and financial education.  The focus is on new recruits and service members who need employment/financial services. Counselors will work with and connect with Department of Labor (DoL) representatives, DoL American Job Centers (AJC’s), and state ESGR members to provide a 360 degree look/review of service and family member requirements/needs, while eliminating duplication of effort. The program familiarize’s service members and their families with the skills necessary for a fulfilling civilian career. It also teaches them how to manage their wages to reduce unemployment, underemployment and improve the financial literacy of the force. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree or 3 years of relevant experience as a Career Readiness Counselor.

Prior military is preferred but not required.

When:  OCT 2017
Pay range: average salary: $17.50 an hour

How:   If interested, please submit your application for the CSFL Career Readiness Counselor at

Annette Brechon Kuyper
Director of Military Outreach
Minnesota Department of Military Affairs
20 West 12th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55155-2004
O: 651.282.4002
C: 651.955.3108