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I hope you are enjoying the burst of Minnesota winter we recently received. I have received a plentitude of calls recently about ramps. I would like to find out if there are any contacts for ramps you may know of (businesses/charities ext.) The ramp requests I have received range from a veteran recently becoming an amputee and requiring a ramp for 4 steps into his home and another request for a veteran in his 90’s who fell while attempting to carry his wife down the exterior steps of their home because she cannot walk up and down the stairs on her own. I know a few DAV Chapters have notified me they were installing ramps for veterans or had supplied funds for the building of a ramp as service projects- There has to be more we can do to assist veterans needing ramps to allow them to stay in their homes and we cannot expect DAV Chapters to purchase ramps to fill every need.

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If you know of anyone who may benefit from the information in this email please feel free to pass along the information.

Stephanie Zeimetz
St. Cloud VA HSC
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