JANUARY 2018 Mental Well-Being Learning Community!



As a leader in your community or organization, please join us for an important discussion to move the Mental Well-Being Learning Community to the next level in 2018. In 2017 we learned about 7 different initiatives happening in Minnesota to build mental well-being and resilience.   Let’s talk about what’s next!

  • REFLECT– on lessons learned from 2017
  • LEARN– about local community actions prompted by the learning community
  • KNOW– about upcoming state and local opportunities
  • PLAN– direction and next steps for the learning community and your community.

Your contribution is important to create a more powerful Learning Community in 2018.

Tuesday, January 30th 2017

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Register to Participate (NEW LINK!)

More Information

Sites? The link to Registration includes a list of sites near you.

No Site Address? We will update site addresses as identified. Hosts will also email participants before the event.

No Site Near You? Email anna.lynn@state.mn.us to confirm if one is currently available or to become a host.

Other Questions? Email anna.lynn@state.mn.us