BTYR Family in Need

Dear BTYR Communities,

Unfortunately, the extended family (who live in MN) of a Service member are in need due to a tragic loss. Sgt Jonathan Dunbar was killed in active duty. The immediate family of this soldier have their costs covered but the extended family here in MN are travelling to attend the funeral in Arlington, VA via vehicle with limited monetary resources. They have stated they have the capacity to reach Arlington but would have to utilize credit to do so.

If your community would like to donate to help offset their travel cost, you are able to donate to the family’s “you caring” site listed below. At this time this is the only need, the family anticipates to have. The family has asked for privacy and no direct contact or outreach to the family is authorized at this time.

Please send any questions to MN National Guard Family Programs Director, CPT Adam Gades at (651)-248-2912 or

The following statement was given and approved by the family of the soldier,
“We are grieving the loss of our nephew, Sgt Jonathan Dunbar, cousin, family member from the IED bombing in Syria. Our family is close and big and several aunts, uncles and cousins would like to attend the service of Jon at Arlington National Cemetery for his internment. We know Jon would want us all there to support our loved ones. We are looking for funds to get us there from Minnesota to out east.  Plans for service are the week if 4/17 per government schedule. We have made the most economical travel plans including driving out. We are also staying 4 per room at the Virginian with a rate of 385.00 for 2 nights. We will have one hotel out and back, but uncertain where that will be or the cost depending on where we stop. RIP Jonathan Dunbar. He was an amazing father, husband, son, brother, and beloved family member.  It is sure different when it is one of your own. Thank you all for your support and care! The Dunbar Family.”


PBYR Assists Family to Attend a Funeral at Arlington Cemetery

On April 18, 2018 the PBYR Board  authorized $200 to assist the extended family of Sgt Jonathan Dunbar to attend his funeral.  He was killed in action. The family has expressed a desire for privacy.  Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and we acknowledge Sgt Dunbar’s service and sacrifice.

Gary Goldetsky, Psy.D, LP, President, Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon