Application for Assistance

Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon’s (PBYR) mission is to provide assistance to Service Members and Veterans in a variety of forms such as:

  • Access to the PBYR network to help identify a needed resource or a contractor
  • Grants for projects
  • Emergency Assistance (food, gas, car repairs and related)

The PBYR financial resources are limited, hence “need, emergency and crisis” are key factors for consideration.  Also, the applicant needs to be able to document their current or past military service.  All applicants for assistance must follow the following process to fill out the needed application materials and screening:

1. Contact Cory Boogaard, Military Family Assistance Center to discuss needs, be screened for all benefits that they qualify for and have Cory Boogaard forward a signed application form to PBYR for additional follow-up

2. PBYR will contact the applicant within 24 hours of receiving the signed application and Cory Boogaard vetting of prior military service to further discuss needs and circumstances. Cory Boogaard may be reached at:

SKYLINE ULTD, Contractor
MN National Guard Readiness Center
1536 Ben Franklin Dr
Arden Hills, MN 55112
Office: 651-282-4055
Mobile: 612-382-4181
E-Mail:    Cory

3. Following clarification of needs and circumstances, the PBYR Board will discuss the application and clarify what assistance could be offered.  The assistance is always dependent on current financial resources, related circumstances and residents of Plymouth are given priority. This process is directed to insure that applicants are screened for all benefits that they qualify for and that their military service is properly vetted.

Plymouth is one of 200 cities in Minnesota to have earned Beyond the Yellow Ribbon designation.  While the program is community-based, it benefits from the support of the City of Plymouth and members of the Police Department. Plymouth Police Officer Randall Richardson, who served in the Marine Corps, spearheaded the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon effort in Plymouth. He worked with a group of community members for more than a year to meet the rigorous criteria for the BYR designation.

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