Chaplain’s expression of appreciation

Chaplain Cory Germain, received the Caribou Coffee that was sent by Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. He writes,

Dear Gary and all the members of Plymouth Beyond the Yellow Ribbon,

Thank you so much for your recent care packages stuffed with Caribou Reindeer Blend coffee. That particular variety has become a favorite of mine, and I’m sure many of our battalion soldiers. As I’m sure you know, soldiers love their coffee, and having some of the home state’s finest makes it even better! We’ve also spread the cheer among our subordinate companies, particularly from South Dakota, Ohio and Utah. Believe it or not, there is a Caribou location in the main concourse at Kuwait City International Airport—although most of our troops will never get to see it.

We ‘re doing well here at Camp_____. Temps are into the low 80s already, but all too soon we’ll be suffering with the 100-110 degree days this area is famous for. I’m definitely trying to look beyond those to our return to MN. Blessings to you and yours, and thanks for your support. Chaplain Cory Germain, 682nd Engineer Battalion, MN NG

caribou coffee logo


Caribou Coffee, Arden Hills FAC & PBYR Successfully Partnered on “Operation Coffee”!

On January 6, 2016 PBYR expresses great appreciation to Mitch Carter, Manager of Caribou for donating coffee from several stores to be used for a deployed MN unit and returning soldiers. PBYR will cover shipping & transport costs. Special thanks for Clinton Asche for offering help and a vehicle!! Also, special thanks to Caribou (several branches & their customers participated to make this possible). Also, special thanks to the military recruiters from Brooklyn Center that assisted in the pick-up & transport.

caribou coffee logoThe coffee is stored at the Arden Hills FAC which is in the Readiness Center. This coffee will be packaged & shipped to a deployed MN unit in the near future. PBYR has allocated $300 for shipping/transport. Some coffee will be used for returning soldiers. Also, a small amount of coffee was distributed today to the recruiters that assisted in the pick-up & transport . This coffee really smelled good and I think the troops will appreciate the coffee and the efforts of all that made it possible!!