Military Families Learning Network Virtual Conference

Military Families Learning Network Virtual Conference

See the attachments regarding ANOTHER one of our facilitators, Brian Fredrickson, and then hop on over to for other topics covered, schedule of events and registration.

The MFLN Virtual Conference is a free four-day virtual learning and networking experience for professionals working with military service members and their families.  Join us for all 4 days, or come whenever your schedule permits.

If you have any questions regarding our Virtual Conference, please connect with me.

Anita M. Harris Hering

Extension Educator Military Families, Assistant Extension Professor

University of Minnesota Extension – Center for Family Development

Regional Office, St. Cloud

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Sesame Street Project – Recruiting Military Families

PBYR - Sesame StreetGreetings! We are conducting an evaluation of a new Sesame Workshop program designed to support military families who are transitioning into the civilian world. As you know, this is often a stressful time marked by many life changes, and Sesame is hopeful this new program can provide much-needed support.

We are seeking your help in letting families know about this resource and our evaluation. Please share this information and attached/enclosed flyer with your colleagues and military families. If you’re affiliated with other groups of military families or professionals, we’d be grateful if you’d share this information with them as well.

Sesame Street Project Recruitment Flyer

Sesame Project Invitation Letter

Eligible participants include families:

● Where one or both parents currently serve in the Active Duty military and are within 18 months of separation, or families with a Veteran who has separated from the military within the last 18 months.

● Who have at least one child age 3–7
The entire 6-week program is offered online, so families can participate at their convenience. Families are sent emails containing videos and worksheets that provide parents and children with tools to cope with major life changes. We are conducting a randomized controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of the program. Participants will complete online, anonymous questionnaires before and after completing the program, and they will be compensated for their time and effort.

Interested participants can get more information and sign up for the study by visiting:

or by contacting our project coordinator, Dr. Jill Bowers, at . Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Bowers.

Thanks for your help in enhancing the supports for military families!


Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D. LP and Abigail Gewirtz, Ph.D. LP

University of Minnesota

Institute for Translational Research in Children’s Mental Health


Jill Bowers, PhD, CFLE

Project Coordinator

University of Minnesota

Institute for Translational Research in Children’s Mental Health